Novi, MI Compounding Pharmacy

Novi, MI Compounding Pharmacy

Superior Compounding Pharmacy specializes in the customizing of medications and prescriptions for specific patients’ needs in Novi, Michigan & surrounding areas. We can help solve problems that other pharmacies can’t with prescriptions customized to your needs. As the pharmacy is trusted and reliable, you’ll have shorter wait times and be able to receive personalized service. As a pharmacy with multiple state licenses, we ensure that we can always provide you with the prescription dosage that you need.

Please call Superior Compounding Pharmacy to speak with one of our licensed pharmacists today at 734-404-6065. We can help answer any medication questions that you may have. We serve the entire city of Novi Michigan and surrounding areas.



Novi Michigan History

Novi, MI is a suburb of the Detroit metropolitan area located northwest of Detroit and northeast of Ann Arbor. The city is a part of Novi Township, which now also includes parts of Northville and Walled Lake. The township of Novi only consists of a fraction of the total area.

There has been a town of Novi in Michigan since 1832. The town was created by taking land from the neighboring Farmington Township. Dr. J. C Emery is said to have suggested the name, which was chosen as it sounded shorter and more interesting than “Farmington”.

There is contradiction in the narrative. The township was named over 100 years before construction on the toll road began and was not named after it.

Novi was incorporated as a city in 1969 after the approval of a city charter on February 18, 1969 by Village of Novi voters. Charter approval followed an election on May 20, 1968 in which voters approved the incorporation of the city: The proposal to incorporate as a city was narrowly defeated. The proposition took effect as of February 24, 1969 after the required number of votes were met. The Village had been aware of previous efforts by organizers to incorporate as a city.

Historic sites

  • The original Township Hall was originally built on Novi Road, south of Grand River. It was moved to the Novi Library property in the 1980s. It’s recently been relocated again–this time onto the property that belonged to Jacob and Rebecca Fuerst Farmstead Tea.

  • Tollgate Farm is a 160-acre (650,000 m2) educational center and farmstead.

  • The Colonel Samuel White Homestead site was designated by the Michigan Historical Marker Program.

  • One section of the original Novi Depot dates back to 1871 and was built by the Holly, Wayne and Monroe Railroad. This railroad was later merged with CSX Transportation.

  • The Jacob and Rebecca Fuerst Farmstead was a site on the National Register of Historic Places. The City of Novi demolished the Fuerst Farmstead in 2018 in order to develop the site for other historic uses. The north barn was destroyed on July 16, 2008, and the east and south buildings were dismantled and removed from the farm. None of the buildings of the original farmstead remained on site. But historians did make an effort to make sure that there were no important physical remains like foundations or outbuildings that might have been left behind.


Twelve Oaks Mall on 2600 Corporate Drive in Novi, MI contains 180 retailers.

Novi continues to be one of the fastest growing cities in Michigan. The construction of Twelve Oaks Mall in 1977 made it a major shopping destination in the Detroit metropolitan area and has often helped usher in major growth spurs that. Novi is an excellent place to live. It featured at #48 on Money magazine’s list of the Top 100 Best Places to Live in 2008. As of January 2009 Novi has over 1,600 local businesses.


Health care

Novi Michigan has a strong health care sector, with some of the largest health care providers in the region. The Providence Park Hospital for example is operated by St. John Providence Health System and is situated off Interstate 96 and Beck Road.

Henry Ford Health System operates the Henry Ford Medical Center – Columbus, its largest one in Oakland County. Botsford offers various services including primary care, behavioral health services, cancer treatment, diabetes care, endoscopy, infusion services, lymphedema services, MOHs surgery, MRIs and rehabilitation. They offer travel clinic as well.

Parks and recreation

Most of the farmland and open spaces present in the mid-20th century have been developed. The exceptions include Tollgate Farms, located at the northwest corner of Twelve Mile and Meadowbrook Roads.

This farmstead is currently leased by Michigan State University. Lakeshore Park is located in the area. While portions of the park were turned over to a developer to settle a lawsuit, it remains one of the largest municipal parks in southeast Michigan. Ella Mae Power Park, located behind the Novi Civic Center, hosts softball and baseball games and tournaments.