7 Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin in Winter

7 Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin in Winter

Here at Superior Compounding Pharmacy we realize that your health and skin deserve lifelong care and we believe in delivering them both. Harsh winter weather can be damaging to you and make for a miserable experience, but we’ll see you through all of it with expertise and care.

Whenever the cold winter winds are knocking at your door, resist the urge to panic-buy all of your favorite lotions and potions in bulk! This guide will go over how to protect your skin’s moisture levels.

1. Drink lots of water

Being winter means we’re all faced with cold weather. But during these months, your skin is even more likely to lose moisture because the air is very dry. It’s important to drink a lot of water during the day and keep a reusable bottle with you. Enjoying warm drinks like ginger & lemon tea during winter is a great way to stay hydrated throughout the colder months. Not only will you feel more healthy, but it’s also an incredibly cozy experience.

2. Choose a cleanser carefully.

Many of the so called ‘Natural’, high street cleansers also contain harsh chemicals and will end up hurting rather than helping your skin (e.g Alcohol and Fragrance). Natural Cleansers won’t strip away our natural oils, which we need for fresh looking skin.

3. Exfoliate for excellent skin.

Exfoliating your skin during winter can be a great way to get rid of dry, dead skin cells and regenerate new ones. It’s not something that’s likely to cross your mind when you’re experiencing dryness and itchiness, but it could benefit you in the long-term.

4. Keep those showers short and sweet.

It’s tempting to have a hot shower or bath when it’s cold, but it’s not recommended. Hot water will dehydrate you, can cause you to have heat strokes and is inefficient on resources. If you come out of the shower and your skin is irritatingly red and itchy, it’s a sign that you’ve overdone it.

5. Use a natural moisturizer and apply immediately after washing.

When picking a facial moisturizer and body lotion, it is important to choose an oil based product rather than a water based one. This will keep any hydrating oils in your skin from being washed away making them more effective. After you wash, apply moisturizer or lotion immediately to keep your skin from drying out. Don’t forget to include your hands and feet- they need attention too!

6. Protect from the elements.

Winters are harsher than summers for your skin. That’s why you need to pay more attention to your skin, during winter time. You can’t just rely on lip care products for the whole body, but that’s only for starters! The combination of low humidity and strong winds can lead to dry, uncomfortable skin so it’s best to cover up.

7. Sunscreen is not just for summer.

Often, people forget to wear sunscreen during winter, but you need it to protect yourself against UV rays. Apply a sufficient amount of lotion on your face, neck and hands (if they are exposed) and choose a sunscreen with UVA protection. If you spend time on the slopes, it is important to reapply your sunscreen every two hours or immediately after heavy sweating. Be sure to cover spots that are easily missed such as the back of the neck, lips, ears, and under the chin.

Fun Fact:

Skin is the largest organ in the human body and it performs a vital function – regulating your temperature and defending against diseases. So, we need to take care of it by moisturizing it often and using sunscreen every day.

Wrinkling and elasticity loss can be caused by many factors such as smoking, stress, sun damage, poor nutrition or fatigue. The skin care products & cosmetics you have used for years have an effect on your skin too. Harsh formulas can accelerate aging, which is why you need to be careful with the products you use. Make sure they are non-irritating, or else any benefits they provide will be outweighed by the negative effects.

Though it might seem impossible to undo years of damage, our pharmacist can work with your dermatologist to create the right anti-aging skin products for you. Our compounding mix combines prescriptions with skin type and needs in mind. Cosmeceuticals are a mixture of makeup & skin care products. They have been specifically formulated to have therapeutic or skin-repairing properties, which make them a healthier alternative to traditional makeup.

Our expert pharmacists at Superior Compounding can find a unique and personalized skincare treatment for you using your prescription medications, over the counter products, and new products. You can regain a youthful appearance with the use of our specially formulated skin creams. Whether you want to reduce wrinkles, lose cellulite, or revitalize your skin after years of sun damage, our products are for you.

Please call Superior Compounding Pharmacy to speak with one of our licensed pharmacists today at 734-404-6065. We can help answer any questions about skincare creams that you may have.