Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Sports Medication

At Superior Compounding Pharmacy in Plymouth, we help athletes, coaches and trainers by tailoring treatment by age and their life style.

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Sports Medicine Helps You Stay Active

Running backs for professional football typically rely on topical compounding to help with recovery after a game. Compounding pharmacists prepare topical agents and sometimes work in partnership with team healthcare providers to help pitchers recover from inflammation of the throwing shoulder more quickly. They’ve found that their success was due to pharmacy compounding, which is now available to everyone.

Compounding is often applied for a variety of purposes, such as for athletes who need to recover from injuries, students who need to relieve chronic pain, and workers looking to ease problematic muscle tension.

Sports Medicine Compounding For Athletes

Pharmacy compounding is a process where medications are made for individual patients, usually based on a combination of input. Recent advancements in technology, research, and drug/medication customization are allowing today’s healthcare providers to take advantage of the potential benefits of compound medications.

They develop strategies for athletes based on their strengths and goals. They make use of specialized workouts, tailored diets, sleep routines, same day activities patterns to ensure maximum success in their lives.

  • A compounding pharmacist might be able to prepare various medications for different uses that can help heal nerve pain, combat skin conditions, and more. They can also customize topical medications for particular sensitive areas.

  • A compound sunscreen cream, lotion, or lip balm may help protect an athlete during that outdoor sport. It is made to absorb and neutralize free radicals and UV rays before they have a chance to cause serious damage.

A pharmacist that can compound medication is working closely with the athlete and a healthcare provider. Compounding allows you to prepare medications in strengths and delivery systems that are just right for that particular athlete.

Strength Variations

Football players and marathon runners require different types of training programs to prepare their body. It is also possible to tailor your medication strategy based on your specific training needs. Compounding offers a way to calibrate the exact amount of medication to a certain need and body type, resulting in more accurate dosage. Commercial products often come in only limited variations while Compounding allows you to choose the amount of your medication and customize it for your specific needs.

Unique Dosage Forms

The existence of an over-the-counter oral system allows pharmacists to design medications that go directly from the mouth into the bloodstream. There are many benefits which health professionals cite, such as altering the patient’s delivery system and less instances of side effects being experienced.

Anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, and other medications are widely used and can have both short-term & long-term effects & side effects. Topical medications allow the drug to bypass the gastrointestinal tract and minimize those side effect.

Compounding Pharmacists are able to help their customers with various topical medications that aren’t commercially available. They do this by using a variety of techniques in combination so that the pain is treated at its source.

Prescription compounding is personalized and different from both standard prescription filling and general compounders, providing you with the best quality, tailored to your specific needs. Just what you need in order to get back in action!