LTC Pharmacy in Plymouth

LTC pharmacy
LTC Pharmacy

We provide medications services to long-term care facilities in Plymouth, MI such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities in the states of Michigan and Ohio. As a long-term care pharmacy, we provide around-the-clock access to a licensed pharmacist as well as offer emergency delivery of medications. Our goal is to help you achieve and exceed expectations of care for your residents. Contact ustoday to find out more.


Your Partner In LTC Drug Therapy

Our LTC pharmacy is designed to improve clinical and economic outcomes for patient residents with complex conditions.It is a patient-focused care model that includes:


Consultant Pharmacist

– Medication Regimen Review

– Survey Preparation

Nursing Support

– Med Pass Observations

– Facility Support

– Education

– In-Services

– Survey Preparation

Customer Care

– One Point of Contact

– Focus Visits

– Med Cart/Room Inspections

– Cycle Fill Check-in

Unlike a traditional pharmacy, our LTC Pharmacy meets the unique needs of a patient residents to ensure that it offers the maximum effect and reduce the risks for side effects and complications. Contact ustoday for you facilities LTC pharmacy needs.