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Canton, MI Compounding Pharmacy

Superior Compounding Pharmacy specializes in the customizing of medications and prescriptions for specific patients needs in Canton Michigan and surrounding areas. Our pharmacy can help solve problems that are not able to be solved by traditional pharmacy services. The benefits of using our compounding pharmacy include lower waiting times, more personalized experiences, and the ability to customize the dosages based on the patients individual needs.

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Top 7: Canton Michigan’s History


1. What is the history of Canton, MI?

Back in 1829, the state of Ohio passed legislation splitting a township into two. Governor Lewis Cass vetoed that legislation citing an issue with the bill.

According to the April 12, 1827 territorial law, the town cannot incorporate if its name conflicts with a post office. However, this only applies to towns that are already incorporated or attempting to be incorporated-the law does not forbid the use of a pre-existing township name in another territory.

The legislature thus had to substitute the names of Nankin and Pekin after the cities of Nanjing and Beijing in China. The name of Pekin was changed when it was renamed Redford in 1833.

The Township of Canton was created by an act of the Michigan Territorial Legislature on March 7, 1834. The township used to be part of Plymouth Township, but it received its current name in 1834 after being named in honor of the port city and imperial capital city known as Canton.

The first township meeting was held in 1834. In 2002, the emerald ash borer was found in Canton and eventually spread to the surrounding Great Lakes region. The Canton Historical Society & Museum opened in 1982 and has offered free admission since 2005.

Along the Rails of History- A Walk Along Canton’s Railroad Tracks

The Canton Railroad is the oldest railroad in the United States. It was instrumental in the development of railroading. The history of this railroad reveals a story of struggle and success, which is shared by many other early American railroads.

This walk will take you along the rails of history, following a path that parallels a century-old route that stretches from Canton to Akron. Along your journey you will see some old buildings, bridges, and other remnants from an earlier time.

2. What is Canton Michigan known for?

Michigan’s Sweet Corn Capital

The first settlers in Canton had to focus on self-sustaining farming as their main income. The farmland provided the necessary food and products for a family’s sustenance, and any surplus could be sold or exchanged for something else which may have been needed.

Oxen were the original power on farms, with draft horses being introduced in 1850s. On average, a farm family had six or eight milk cows, pigs for meat & marketing, chickens providing eggs & meat and some sheep.

One way that Canton has dealt with the harsh winters is to chop ice from the nearby rivers during the winter. This would help keep food and milk fresh in summer months. The abundant maple trees provided them with maple sugar each spring, and for decades Canton was known as Michigan’s ‘Sweet Corn Capitol.

People who lived within a day’s horse and wagon drive from Detroit were able to grow profitable sweet corn which was sold at the Farmers’ Market. Dairy farming was also common in Canton due to it’s central location

Local farmers used to take their milk to creameries located in the villages of Sheldon Corners and Cherry Hill. These creameries would then distribute that milk to communities surrounding them, including Detroit.

3. Where is the city located?

According to the US Census Bureau, 37.77 square miles (96.39 km2 ) of the township is land and 0.08 square miles (0.21 km2) is water.

It is located 8 miles (13 km) west of the Detroit city limits and 8 miles (13 km) east of the Ann Arbor city limits.

The Lower River Rouge and the tributaries, such as Pine Creek on the northwest side of the township, drain most of south Dearborn. Tonquish Creek and Garden Creek drain parts of northeast Dearborn from their origins in Troy and Inkster respectively.

4. Best Public Schools in Canton, MI

Many of Canton’s settlers came from New England, with its focus on education. Along with their convictions, the Territorial Council ruled that any township with 50 or more households should have one or more schoolmasters.

There were nine schools built in Canton, usually at a crossroad. They were arranged to make them accessible to children walking to school. Teachers typically worked for a specific number of weeks and tended to live with local families.

Families from each area work together to help build and support the school. The families paid a ‘tax’ for each child that attended school and donated a cord of firewood for the school stove. Schools were originally made from logs in one of the earliest being Cherry Hill School.

Later, brick schools replaced the original log buildings as it became commonplace to use wood as a fossil fuel. Schools would often be used as community centers for their surrounding areas and four of the nine that remain today are still used today. They were typically built for religious services and nonprofit events.

There are 19 public schools in Canton, MI for the 2021 school year. Canton has one of the highest concentrations of top ranked public schools in Michigan. The top 10 public schools in Canton Michigan are:

  1. Gallimore Elementary School
  2. Canton High School
  3. Canton Charter Academy
  4. South Canton Scholars Charter Academy
  5. Achieve Charter Academy
  6. Plymouth High School
  7. Salem High School
  8. Dodson Elementary School
  9. Tonda Elementary School
  10. Workman Elementary School

5. What is the crime rate in Canton Michigan?

Canton’s overall crime rate is 13 per 1,000 residents. When compared to other cities and towns of all sizes in America, this makes Canton’s crime rate almost average. Our analysis of the data indicates that you’re only at a 0.13% chance of becoming a victim of crime in Canton.

6. Why should you visit Canton Michigan if you have never been before?

Canton is one of the most historical towns in Michigan. It is home to many businesses, good food, and beautiful scenery. The town has a lot to offer for those who are looking for a new place to visit.

7. Top 15 places to eat in Canton, MI

There are many restaurants in Canton, Michigan that offer a variety of cuisines. Here are the top 15 restaurants in town.

  1. Silvio’s Trattoria e Pizzeria
  2. Levant Kitchen
  3. PIZZAWALA’S Made Differently
  4. L.A. Bistro Canton
  5. Basement Burger Bar
  6. The Takeout Box
  7. Palermo Pizzeria & Restaurant
  8. Izakaya Sanpei Restaurant
  9. Sumo Japanese Grill
  10. Matsu Chan Restaurant
  11. L George’s Coney Island
  12. Mhai Thai Authentic Thai Cuisine
  13. Namaste Flavours Canton
  14. The Sheikh Restaurant
  15. Aki sushi and Thai