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As a WordPress designer,
whenever you build a brand-new theme, plugin or perhaps if you are testing out new functions of WordPress that you might not recognize with. Theres one task that gets incredibly recurring, troublesome and mundane.


Not only does the test information need to be detailed adequate to catch all the possible post scenarios, it needs to be as close enough as possible to real world data. In this manner you can efficiently check the functions you are developing and fortunately, these plugins do simply that.

You will constantly need to produce some custom dummy data to evaluate whether your plugin is working as expected, and as designers ourselves we have actually had this problem quite a lot. Fortunately, there are simple ways to resolve it.

Our objective with this post is to assist you to alleviate this lengthy element of the development process by covering a list of plugins that assist you achieve this objective in simply a matter of seconds.

The typical method people tend to do this is either hire somebody on Fiverr, to develop all this dummy text or as a WordPress designer youll require to carry out the task of filling up an empty style with dummy material yourself.