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Not just does the test data have to be thorough sufficient to catch all the possible post circumstances, it needs to be as close enough as possible to real life data. This method you can efficiently test the features you are developing and luckily, these plugins do just that.

As a WordPress designer,
Plugin or even if you are evaluating out new features of WordPress that you may not be familiar with whenever you construct a new theme. Theres one task that gets very recurring, troublesome and ordinary.

Our goal with this post is to assist you to ease this time-consuming element of the development process by covering a list of plugins that help you achieve this goal in simply a matter of seconds.


You will constantly need to produce some customized dummy data to test whether your plugin is working as anticipated, and as designers ourselves we have had this problem rather a lot. Luckily, there are simple methods to solve it.

The typical method individuals tend to do this is either employ someone on Fiverr, to produce all this dummy text or as a WordPress designer youll need to carry out the task of filling an empty theme with dummy material yourself.