Detroit, MI Compounding Pharmacy

Detroit, MI Compounding Pharmacy

Superior Compounding Pharmacy is one of the few pharmacies that delivers to Detroit, Michigan that specializes in customizing medications for individual patients needs. Our special prescription service allows our pharmacy to create prescriptions that are tailor-made for each customer’s specific needs. Customers can not always find what they are looking for from traditional retail pharmacies. That’s why Superior Compounding Pharmacy offers the opportunity to leave the wait times behind and obtain personalized service. That, coupled with our competitive pricing, is an unbeatable combination that other stores just can’t offer.

Please call Superior Compounding Pharmacy to speak with one of our licensed pharmacists today at 734-404-6065. We can help answer any medication questions that you may have. We serve the entire city of Detroit, Michigan and surrounding areas.

History of Detroit Michigan

Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac originally founded the city of Detroit on July 24, 1701. He was a French military leader and trader that contributed to the Revolutionary War and he founded the city originally as a trading post. It would later become one of America’s fastest-growing cities during its heyday in the mid 20th century. Cadillac was a soldier who traveled extensively in New France and western Great Lakes. He was the commander of Fort Michilimackinac which is situated near the point where Lake Huron meets Lake Michigan.

Cadillac returned to France in 1698 to petition King Louis XIV for authorization to establish a French outpost along the junction of lakes Erie and Huron, which was then known as le détroit. Upon managing to convince the monarch in 1701, Cadillac proceeded with his plans. Jérôme Phélypeaux-Comte de Pontchartrain, to authorize an expedition to establish not a post but a settlement. Cadillac was not interested in British colonization efforts to nearby areas and wanted to take preemptive measures against them.

Cadillac’s group of soldiers, missionaries, and colonists left Montreal on June 5, 1701. The explorer traveled by way of the Ottawa River through Lake Nipissing, out down French River into Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, St. Clair River, Lake St. Clair and finally the Detroit River stopping for the night on Grosse Ile on July 23rd

The following night, 25 boats made their way back up the river. They chose the narrow level of the north shore, on a highpoint flanked by nothing but water, to make Fort Pontchartrain in honor of France’s naval might. Detroit got its name from the founding of Fort Pontchartrain du Détroit. Two days later, on Saint Anne Day, they built a chapel named after her. It’s the first church to be named after Saint Anne. By September the first two women arrived, Madam Cadillac and Madam Tonty, the wife of Cadillac’s first lieutenant.

Cadillac had the authority to grant land to settlers. Beginning in 1707, he granted farms that were two or three miles inland and had narrow riverside. These plots known as “ribbon farms“, are sometimes identified by streets bearing their same name today.

Cadillac encouraged Native Americans to settle near the fort for protection and to help facilitate trade. He also promoted interbreeding between French men and Native American women. However, the mix of tribes was not always peaceful and growth of the settlement was stunted by Cadillac’s unpopularity. When he was made governor of Louisiana in 1710, Pontchartrain’s attention waned.

During the next 50 years, Detroit remained a small frontier settlement made up of soldiers, artisans, trappers, hunters. This had an economy centered on fur trade & farming. The entire Detroit village occupied an area of only one city block, bordered by Griswold, Fort, Shelby and Larned. The Fort Detroit began in 1751. Detroit remained an area of French habitation until it was overtaken by the British in 1760, following the French-Indian War.

Detroit Travel Tips and Details

Detroit Michigan is a city with a lot of history and there are many attractions for tourists. The city’s architecture is amazing and it features many well-preserved buildings from the early 20th century.

There are also plenty of parks in Detroit, such as Belle Isle Park, which is the largest island in the country.

The best time to visit Detroit is during summer when it becomes really humid and hot (with an average temperature of around 85 degrees. However, if you want to avoid the humidity then autumn might be a better time to visit.

What to do In Detroit Michigan In 5 Days or less

Day 1: Visit the Henry Ford Museum

The Henry Ford Museum is an impressive educational museum in Detroit. It is the largest indoor-outdoor museum in the country, with 200 acres of green space.

Visiting the Henry Ford Museum provides visitors with a glimpse into American innovation and ingenuity. It features the life and legacy of Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company, inventor of railroad air brakes, modern assembly line production methods, and so much more.

The museum has galleries that are set up to show people how much America has changed over time. It also offers exhibits to show how these changes have influenced American society for better or worse. Visitors can learn about many aspects of American culture including automobiles, civil rights movement, World War I & II aviation innovations and more.

Day 2: Shop at Twelve Oaks Mall

Twelve Oaks Mall is a regional shopping center that was originally built in the late 1970s and renovated in 2006 by Glimcher Realty Trust. One of its main features is the Nordstrom department store which was originally opened as an anchor store in 1978.

Twelve Oaks Mall is one of the largest malls in Detroit with over 200 stores and eateries. It has been an iconic landmark in metro Detroit since it opened its doors in 1956. The mall was designed by John Graham Jr., who also designed many other notable structures around the United States, such as Soldier Field, New York’s Lincoln Center, and others.

Day 3: Eat a Delicious Meal at Grand Trunk Pub

Grand Trunk Pub is a family-friendly restaurant serving up some of the best comfort food in Michigan.

This pub has been around for over 30 years and has been an iconic landmark for Detroit. With its location, it is not surprising that it has become a hotspot for locals and travelers alike. One of their most popular dishes is their fish and chips. The fish is brought in fresh daily and hand-cut potatoes are cut daily as well, then it’s deep fried to perfection for that crunch on the outside and light fluffy center on the inside. Their menu includes their famous “Wings on Fire” which are dry aged and grilled with a delicious sauce served on the side. They also offer daily specials that change frequently and provide vegetarian options as well as vegan options on their menu. This pub offers entertainment such as live music, card games, trivia night, and more!

The atmosphere is warm and welcoming with its brick walls, wooden floors, hardwood accents throughout the space, copper decorating pieces from Grand Trunk.

Day 4: Get an Artistic Experience with a Trip to the Detroit Institute of Arts

The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) is the largest museum in the state of Michigan. It is located in Midtown Detroit, next to the city’s Cultural Center. The DIA holds more than 60,000 works that offer visitors a glimpse into art history and world cultures.

Day 5: Watch a Lions Game at Ford Field

The Detroit Lions are a professional football team in the National Football League. They are based in Detroit, Michigan. Founded in 1929, they are one of the oldest teams still playing today.

Ford Field is a multi-purpose indoor stadium located on the West Side of Detroit, Michigan, United States. It was constructed as part of a plan to bring professional football back to Downtown Detroit.

There are many other sports arenas near me that offer different types of sports games too!

Please call Superior Compounding Pharmacy today at 734-404-6065 to speak with one of our licensed pharmacists. We can answer any medication questions that you may have. We serve Detroit, Michigan and surrounding areas.